We use a mixed-methods approach to measure outcomes in all our programs and services, and we continuously iterate and improve based on evaluation results. Our program cycles allow us to rapidly incorporate evaluation findings to ensure an ascending standard of excellence. Our research team also conducts large-scale studies in partnership with academic collaborators and is preparing to launch our Change the Game Research Project, designed and implemented in consultation with academic advisors, to assess youth sport access, engagement, and equity across Ontario in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.



Increasing physical literacy in youth: A two-week Sport for Development program for children aged 6-10

This paper presents initial evidence that an intentionally designed two-week SFD day camp program successfully increased PL among youth facing barriers in a North American urban context, and explores the methodology used to teach and evaluate PL at a community-based SFD facility.

A study protocol for a 2-year longitudinal study of positive youth development at an urban sport for development facility

This paper outlines the study protocol measuring impact of an urban Sport for Development facility on positive youth development in youth facing barriers.