Changing the Game
for Black Youth

We believe that Black lives matter and that sport can be used as a powerful tool to confront systemic inequities and drive social change. In addressing anti-Black racism, we engage in partnerships, programs, and research to support Black youth, centralize their needs, and prioritize meaningful engagement with Black communities.

We acknowledge that anti-Black racism is prevalent in the sport sector and exists within organizational structures, policies, programs, attitudes and behaviours, in which create harmful impacts for the communities that we serve. Our anti-Black racism commitment is focused on dismantling barriers to equitable participation, leading the sector in advocating for systemic change and creating inclusive environments for Black youth and the wider community.

we commit to:

Utilize our voice and resources to dismantle anti-Black racism and support Black youth. This includes local and national advocacy relating to youth sport engagement, health and wellbeing, education, and employment.
Develop and implement programs and services that celebrate Black identities.
Share our learnings and practices for hiring, mentoring and promoting Black staff, and engaging Black youth and Black-led partner organizations.
Create platforms to highlight and elevate the work of Black communities and Black-led organizations.