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program overview & Requirements

MLSE Foundation and Scotiabank launched the Hockey Coach Education Program to provide equitable opportunities for Black, Indigenous and other racialized youth across Ontario to obtain hockey coaching certifications and connect them to coaching positions in their community.

We are on a mission to change the game and make hockey a more inclusive, diverse, and accessible sport for players and coaches alike.

To change the face of hockey, we are committed to providing opportunities for underrepresented youth to be involved in the game at the coaching level. Our aim is to improve representation in leadership positions to inspire a diverse generation of youth to engage in hockey. We will also provide pathways and connections for youth coaches to increase employment opportunities and facilitate community involvement through sport.

certification upon completion

Through collaboration with the GTHL, we will provide youth coaches aged 16-29 with the opportunity to obtain Coach Level 1 certification at no cost to the participant.

course Curriculum

Week 1
Gender Identity and Expression
Online, 2 hours
Week 2
MLSE LaunchPad Coaching Fundamentals & Life Skills Transference
Online, 2 hours
Week 3
Respect in Sport - Activity Leader
Online, 2 hours
Week 4
Hockey University Online Coach 1/Coach 2
Online, 4 hours
Week 5
Coach Level 1 – Introduction to Coaching (U9 and below)
Online, 4 hours

our training approach

We will work closely with the GTHL and Ontario affiliates to establish pathways for youth coaches involved in the program to put their education into practice. This pipeline will allow youth coaches to gain coaching opportunities and create valuable social networks within the game.

As experts in life skills transference, MLSE LaunchPad staff will provide additional training that will teach the fundamentals of coaching and the integration of life skills into sport programs. Youth coaches will gain valuable coaching knowledge and will establish relationships with other youth coaches involved in the program.

With the help of the GTHL, MLSE Foundation will also connect youth coaches to further education opportunities for those interested in obtaining Level 2 certification.

In addition, youth coaches will be provided with a Hockey Coaches Kit including essential supplies to assist in getting started behind the bench.

words from

Why I valued being a participant:
"The value in terms of informational and practical skills, the HCEP was very informative, and I am definitely exiting the program a much more knowledgeable and capable coach."
Experience with the Hockey Coach Education Program:
"The HCEP was a great experience, it was my first time taking Coaching Level 1, and the program was a seamless and convenient program that is both efficient and enjoyable."
Importance and impact of the program:
"The program has enabled me to learn so much about coaching, youth, interacting with parents, and overall how to be a more effective communicator with youth and others. I've certainly been impacted positively, and as an indigenous person, I am ecstatic to be a part of the diversification of coaching in hockey! Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn and expand my skill set!"
cohort 1 of program
What was your experience with the Hockey Coach Education Program?
“It was a positive experience. I enjoyed being able to learn and receive my certification through an interactive experience where I was given the opportunity to share thoughts and experiences that related back to the learning at hand.”
Why did you value being a participant?
“I valued being a participant because my Coach 1 was a certification that I was looking forward to receiving, and because I got to go through the training with a friendly and cooperative group of coaches aspiring to receive their certification as well.”
Describe the importance/impact of the program?
“I think the program will have a positive impact. I felt the course leaders made an intentional effort to make sure all those involved not only understood the content but were given the opportunity to comment, ask questions, and share experiences around it.”
cohort 1 of program
What was your experience with the Hockey Coach Education Program?
“I completed the Coaching 1 course and hockey fundamentals virtual course in Winter 2022. While the experience was virtual, I was really impressed with how engaging and interesting the course was. The facilitators were skilled and had a great balance between content, personal stories and general group discussions.”
Why did you value being a participant?
“I valued participating in this program, because it provided me with the opportunity to build essential coaching skills needed to become a successful coach in my local girls hockey community. I appreciated that it was a free course, and very accessible. I valued getting to know the facilitators and other participants throughout the program. I felt the facilitators were very knowledgeable and brought real life experience to the training, which was helpful and inspiring.”
Describe the importance/impact of the program?
“The program was a great opportunity to complete a course I might not otherwise have had access to, and to complete it with other participants from across the province who had similar goals and aspirations. I appreciated the programming and networking time, and was able to learn new skills I will take with me as I coach a U15 girls hockey team this coming Fall.”
‍cohort 1 of program
My Experience With The Hockey Coach Education Program:
“Being exposed to several like-minded individuals from different backgrounds was a memorable experience. MLSE Launchpad did a great job welcoming and helping to inspire those of us aspiring to be coaches”!
Why I Valued Being a Participant:
“Participating in this program solidified my confidence. My voice was heard and respected among the group.”
The Importance Of This Program:
“Promoting, encouraging, and celebrating the underrepresented people of hockey who deserve more opportunities. MLSE Launchpad are leaders in their space and the example they have set is impactful to future organizations looking to connect with communities in and out of the hockey world.”
cohort 1 of program


enrollment opens
Mar 27, 2024
registration closes
Apr 17, 2024
program start date
Apr 27, 2024
program End date
 Jun 1, 2024