50/50 Draw
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YouthLink Testimonial

3/15/2017 2:47:47 PM

"We have a grade 10 student in the program who struggled academically in grade 9 while participating in his first year in the Triple Double Program. This young man was attending basketball and tutoring weekly, while also receiving 1-1 tutoring support to assist with his coursework off the court. This year, we didn’t see him in the program Semester 1 (Sept-Jan). When Semester 2 began in January, he had returned. Turns out, he took semester 1 off of playing to focus on his studies knowing that if he wanted to play (at school and in this program) he needed to ensure that he got his grades up and Semester 1 was harder for him. He took the time and when returning, proudly informed us that not only did he get all of his credits with his focus, he increased his average 15% over last year (it is now 77%) and made his school jr basketball team for the 1st time ever! So far, he has demonstrated extreme focus since returning to our program, attends ball and tutoring weekly and, we anticipate this to remain thorough the remainder of the year!"