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Youth Leader Story: Tyrese from ProAction Cops & kids

2/2/2017 11:39:28 AM

ProAction Cops & Kids
Community Action Grants Recipient

PC Curtis Celestine and PC Nelvin Forde, along with other officers ran a ProAction Basketball League in 55 Division. The program not only provided a league in which 72 participants, from 6 Toronto community centres, could play but it also focused on skill development and the importance of volunteering within their community. The league was also supported by the staff of the various community centres, as well as professional community volunteers who gave their time and participated in a clinic by providing tours, demonstrations and lectures. Below is PC Celestine’s acknowledgement of Tyrese's participation. 

At the commencement of the league, Tyrese was one of the most enthused participants in the program. It was evident right off the bat that he had a knack for taking the leadership role amongst his peers. On a weekly basis it was common to find that he was the first one in the gym and the last one to leave. Even when his team had finished playing he could be found in the bleachers watching or “scouting” out his next opponents as they played. Although his love, knowledge and skills of the game far surpassed the majority of his teammates Tyrese always took the time to encourage and teach others.
Tyrese has shown exceptional leadership qualities both on and off the court by being punctual, vocal, and showing great sportsmanship while still managing to be the most competitive individual during games. Furthermore, the staff at the community centre, in which team he represented, spoke very highly of the young man advising that he was very passionate about the sport and that the program helped him to remain focused with his school work and also with becoming a more positive member of the centre.
Tyrese’s qualities have left a lasting impression on my mind, and helps to remind us all why we indulge in this activity called volunteering.”