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Youth Leader Story: Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre

8/3/2017 2:54:13 PM
Organization Name: ​Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre
Program Name: ​Boxing Program
Date:​ Friday June 16th

The Wasa-Nabin program at Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre would like to recognize one of the emerging leaders in the Boxing Program named Jaylen. Jaylen has only been with the boxing program for two months but has already made a big impression on the group.

The energy and enthusiasm that Jaylen brings to the group was very helpful near the end of the school year when youth can be tired and overwhelmed with school work. Jaylen’s positive attitude and infectious energy helped to reinvigorate the enthusiasm towards boxing amongst the group.

A great example of his leadership and influence on his peer was when Jaylen was able to convince a small group of six participants to come to boxing on a day where the participants had completed track and field events that day. Jaylen has shown natural gifts as a leader and Toronto Council Fire will continue to work with him to develop these skills further.

Jaylen practicing his jab on the heavy bad at Cabbagetown Boxing Club