50/50 Draw
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Youth Leader Story: Jenn from Reach for the Rainbow

2/16/2017 11:35:54 AM
Jenn, Brampton YMCA Winter Break Camp 1:1 Support Counsellor

“Working with Daisy over Winter Break was such a fun and rewarding experience! Having little to no experience with ASL didn't stop us from having fun at all. Daisy was so patient as I signed each letter and she even helped me learn new words to use in our conversations. Her smile and laugh was very contagious from the moment the camp day started, especially when we did something she liked, such as, go down the slide, or splash each other in the pool and other campers were always asking to join in with us. She is a beautiful and competitive girl - she always wins at any game we played - and she made my week at camp a very fun and enjoyable one!”