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Youth Leader Story: Jaylen from Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre

12/20/2017 4:28:20 PM
Organization Name: Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre
Program Name: Celebration of Life Program

Date: September 15, 2017

Jaylen (pictured at the front of the canoe) has been involved with the Wasa-Nabin Program for 9 months now. Jaylen participates in the boxing, swimming and canoeing programs. This summer, he has emerged as a young leader in the program by supporting his group members while canoeing and his excellent attendance record in the Boxing Program.

Jaylen completed ORCKA training in July 2017 and has attended each canoeing session during the summer. Jaylen continually encourages members of the canoeing group and offers helpful hints to his team members that he has learned along the way. During the canoeing adventure where we travelled to the Humber Bay Arch Bridge, he was a huge asset. The wind had picked up and returning upstream proved difficult for many of the youth involved. Jaylen offered to switch canoes and helped to paddle upstream during the difficult trip.

Jaylen’s ability to adjust to his surroundings and encourage members of the group to do their best makes him a strong leader and someone that the group respects.