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Youth Leader Story: Jana from NWSSA

9/22/2016 1:31:10 PM
Neighbourhood Women Striving in Sports and Athleticism (NWSSA)
RPAG Grant and 50/50 Partner

Meet Jana Azbarga, a participant in the Women Striving in Soccer Program. Jana thoroughly enjoys NWSSA because it gets her excited about soccer, and she is constantly motivated to improve! #RPAGGrants

“I’m Jana, I am from Israel and I am new to Canada. I like what NWSSA is doing because although I have never played soccer before, and never been on a soccer team, they welcomed me by allowing me to train and play with the other girls. I also get to make new friends, which is important for me as well. My favourite player on the team is ZamZam, because she never gives up. Many times while we are training, she would fall, but she gets up and would be even stronger. Another thing that I like about the Women Striving in Soccer Program is that it motivates me. The competition in training makes me aim to be a better soccer player, and it makes me want to go further up in the sports. At first I wasn’t interested in soccer because I didn’t know how to play, but now I am excited about it. I have never missed any of my soccer training because it is something that I look forward to every week. I don’t want to move from this community, because I want to be able to come to soccer training and develop my soccer skills and keep the new friends that I’ve made on the team”.


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