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Youth Leader Story: Fatheha from Charlie's FreeWheels

10/2/2017 11:23:25 AM
Organization Name: Charlie’s FreeWheels
Program Name: Charlie’s Rides & Cycling Safety Workshops
Date: September 18, 2017

Fatheha, one of Charlie FreeWheel's summer youth employees, wrote a short piece about the first graduation ride of the summer program:
"July 14th, 2017 was the last day of our first summer Build-a-Bike class. To celebrate we decided that it would be fun to take the graduation ride to the new park at Ontario Place. Many of the participants were thrilled and excited to go on this ride so our Youth Cycling Instructor, Tim, had planned out a route to Ontario Place using bike lanes as much as possible to ensure that our participants felt confident and safe riding on the road. This gave our participants the ability to ride around the busy streets of downtown Toronto while also enjoying the beautiful sceneries that we passed by on the ride.

Once we arrived to our destination, everyone was so astonished by how beautiful the area looked as we rode our bikes by the water enjoying the lovely view of the lake. On our way back from Ontario Place we experienced a real world flat (unlike the practice flats we worked on in class!) as Ayden noticed that their tire was deflating while they were riding. We all got off our bikes onto the sidewalk to see what the problem was and we determined that there was a puncture in the tube. Using the knowledge the group had gained on how to fix a puncture through our Build-a-Bike class, the participants worked together to successfully fix the flat. After that we continued our ride back to the shop filled with several fun memories and experiences from a great day!"