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Youth Leader Story: YouthLink's Dejean

7/6/2017 11:19:51 AM
"Dejean is a youth leaders in our program through and through. He was hired in the first year of the grant as a college student from Scarborough Village to coach and ref with the younger participants in the program. Dejean demonstrated leadership qualities greater than what can be articulated with words that influence all of the young men around him. His professionalism, punctuality, care for participant learning, respect for one another, and passion for the game were admirable. As one of our more ‘seasoned’ ref’s – he worked with all of the participants to ensure that fair play and hard work ethic at the root of his approach. 

As a respected leader in the SV community, the young men participating in the program respected him greatly and would regularly provide is with feedback into what a strong coach and ref he was. Fair but firm. Dejean took the time outside of our weekly sessions to increase his drill running techniques and takes pride in his ability to ref a fair game.

Throughout the year, Dejean encountered some challenging situations. At one point in the season, one of the youth on the floor was being teased on the floor by peers and Dejean stopped the game, huddled the young men and explained how and why this was inappropriate in a tactful and empathetic way that stopped the behaviour for the rest of the night.  In another instance, a young person who is not as coordinated as the others in the group was not being passed the ball as often as the team didn’t believe in his abilities. 

Dejean role modelled with all of the participants how to include everyone in a game and that roles off of the ball are just as important as on the ball in every single game. The youth respect him and he respects them as a leader and role model both on the court and off as at the end of this season, Dejean completed his college diploma."