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Youth Leader Story: Coach from YouthLink

3/15/2017 2:53:33 PM

"One of our coaches is a young person from Scarborough Village who graduated from high school in June 2015 and is currently completing his post secondary program at Centennial College. With a passion for his community and for the game of basketball, he joined us this year to be one of the coaches working with younger youth weekly has his little brother had registered in the program and he wanted to be a positive role model for him as well.

After beginning in September, this young man has maintained a consistent schedule, is always on time, role models positive behaviour with the other young men, and demonstrates the importance of being ready to play and work hard. He speaks with the younger youth about the importance of time management (he has two jobs + school) and always explains that opportunities do exist within our community if you put yourself out there. With the support of two peers who are also coaching, he has really opened up to supporting younger youth in the community and has recently begun running drills and scoring games as necessary. Through his connection to Triple Double, he now also volunteers his time with grade 11/12 students in the community at YouthLink focused on Career Exploration and skill building!"