50/50 Draw
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Youth Leader Story: Braeden from Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre

3/30/2017 3:12:36 PM

"The quarter we would like to recognize Braeden H. Braeden has continually demonstrated strong leadership skills and determination with her commitment to Boxing and to the First Nations community. When the boxing program first began, Braeden was one of the first people to sign up as well as the only young woman in the group. The program has grown since and we are now at 50/50 male and female participants. Braeden’s leadership and encouragement to her peers helped as new participants joined the program and was a major factor in getting more young women involved. Braeden contributed by making the young women in the group feel comfortable and giving the younger ones a positive role model to look up to.
Braeden had recently taken a step back from the Boxing Program due to her commitments with school and basketball. Now that the basketball season is over Braeden has returned to the Boxing Program and has been regularly attending programming. We are happy to have Braeden back in the program and to have her positive energy influencing the group."