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Youth Leader Story: Apachita from Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre

10/23/2018 12:30:00 PM
Organization Name: Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre
Program Name: Celebration of Life Program

Date: October 2018
Apachita is a regular participant in the boxing and canoeing program and her overall positivity, commitment and kind attitude has repeatedly shown throughout her time in this program. Apachita continues to show patience and kindness by taking the time to explain to her peers the ins and out of the boxing program and offering to travel with her peers to the gym. 

As recipients of MLSE Foundation's Regent Park Athletic Grounds Grant Program, the Toronto Council Fire's Celebration of Life Program has helped young leaders in our community grow life skills and create long-lasting memories. 
Way to go Apachita and Toronto Council Fire for being positive leaders in the community!