50/50 Draw
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Vic Simkus is our May Community Leader

5/11/2016 11:41:16 AM
This month we would like to recognize Victor Simkus as a Community Leader. Vic Simkus was a volunteer referee at MLSE Foundation’s 50/50 partner event, Special Olympics Ontario Basketball tournament. He has been a member of the Toronto Association of Basketball Officials since September 2014.  Victor is in his 33rd year of Toronto Fire Service, has been volunteering as a basketball coach and as a counselor at a Lithuanian community-based youth camp, has three kids and a wife, and at 54 years old, he decided to add one more thing on his plate: he followed his passion of basketball and became a referee.
At the tournament Vic was on court with the lower functioning youth who were playing in the tournament. Vic took the time to gauge their true ability and skill in each game and changed his approach based on the youth who stood in front of him to ensure each game was fun and fair. Most of the youth had shooting down to a science, but defense sometimes fell short. He would assist in playing defense when a team did not fully understand the concept and taught them along the way.
Vic enjoys contributing to Special Olympics Ontario basketball tournaments. Vic let us know that he believes they are a great opportunity, “I feel the tournament offers an opportunity to all participants a chance to realize their potential as contributing members to the community and society as a whole. If you feel good about yourself, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.”

Thank you Vic for being a leader in the community!


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