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Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre Program Testimonial

6/7/2019 12:00:00 AM
Organization Name: Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre
Program Name: Celebration of Life Project
Date: June 2019

Regent Park Athletic Grounds grant recipient, Toronto Council Fire Native Culture Centre, provides a supportive and fun environment for their youth with a wide variety of sport and recreation opportunities through their Celebration of Life Project. Lacrosse, boxing and canoeing where youth have the opportunity to become certified to name a few!

“The Celebration of Life Project has enhanced the group by allowing the youth to come together and bond over shared experiences. This has helped to strengthen the bond between friends and siblings as well as provide a comfortable environment to create new friendships.” – Program Coordinator

Toronto Council Fire Native Culture Centre facilitates and provides opportunities for youth to participant in a wide variety of activities, but their focus on personal development of their youth so that the skills they learn in play can be translated into life skills is what is truly incredible.