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TYD Volunteer Spotlight: Orville

11/3/2016 1:56:51 PM
Volunteer spotlight: Orville R. – Lead Head Coach of the Regent Park Soccer League
Toronto Youth Development 50/50 Partner

Since the inaugural debut of the Regent Park Soccer League (RPSL) four years ago, Orville has served as a loyal, hard-working head coach and lead volunteer for Toronto Youth Development’s grassroots soccer initiative. Dedicating several on-ground volunteer hours every week to soccer drills, practices, and games, Orville’s love for the sport is only eclipsed by his passion and care for the youth he works with.

Working with kids of all ages – starting from the tender age of 4, all the way to the energetic teenagers entering high school – Orville knows how to bring out the best in each child. Whether it is an empathetic and reassuring gesture, or sternly given message, Orville’s soccer players are molded into children of strong character through the lessons of sport, teamwork, and community. As the Regent Park Soccer League enters its 5th year, Toronto Youth Development is ecstatic to have volunteers such as Orville supporting programs and serving as the backbone to community involvement and initiatives.