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Parent Testimonial: Lay-Up Youth Basketball

6/22/2017 5:04:08 PM
Child: Johneya 

Programs Attended: Regent Park After School Program 2016 & 2017

Parent: Jennifer 

"There are no other cost-free programs which provide the same quality of programming as Lay-Up.  Lay-Up has helped to dramatically improve my daughter’s (Johneya) basketball skills.  Specifically, before the program, my daughter had a hard time shooting but she has dramatically improved and can play at higher level. 

Besides basketball, Lay-Up has developmental activities and rewards that have led to my daughter improving her teamwork, communication and listening and also grow as a leader.  In teaching and rewarding these life skills, Lay-Up incentivizes my daughter to carry this over to other areas of life and I have seen an improvement in her listening and communication both at home and school. 

Lay-Up is good for the community because it has a strong basketball curriculum but also, includes life skills training.  My daughter enjoys the program greatly, and is looking to coming back next year. I hope the program grows and I will encourage more of my daughter’s friends to join."