50/50 Draw
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Newcomer Youth Soccer League Testimonial

8/16/2017 10:54:01 AM
Organization Name: ​Woodgreen
Program Name: ​Newcomer Youth Soccer League

"My name is Sear and I am a part of the East Metro Youth Services (EMYS) program.

First of all I would like to thank each and every staff for making this program a really safe and fun place for others and myself as well. Recently I've been a part of the EMYS newcomer program soccer team and as the captain and I would like to thank all my teammates who came out and played every Friday; I know it's not easy to come out on Fridays due to school and other activities so that was really important because without a team we couldn't have done anything. The EMYS newcomer soccer team played well, even though we didn't win every game we learned from what we did wrong and corrected our mistakes in the next game; that made us work harder and more as a team which got us to the finals and accomplished what we wanted which was winning the trophy! For me personally it was a fun experience because I got to meet a lot of new youths who love soccer as much as I do and got to make new friends with people from other programs. I would like to thank all the staff for entering us in the soccer league and supporting us in our games by coming out on Fridays. We hope to continue and work hard in every game in the upcoming new soccer league. And also a special thanks to Alex for organizing this league to give opportunity for newcomers to make new friends be active and healthy and have fun so thank you Alex for the soccer league."

Sear, program participant

"My name is Abu Aziz. Im currently going into my grade 12 year in high school. My first season at the Newcomer Youth Soccer League has been a blast. Its really different from other leagues in a good way. Different kinds of people. And I got the luck of the draw by getting put on a team with a bunch of guys that I can relate to and have a good time with. And now we are all friends and when we see each other on the school pitch its all fun and games. The things that I really liked about the league and that made it different was the time we went to the Toronto FC home opener that was a blast! And when we won the trophy!"

Abubaker, program participant

"Soccer is a language billions of people speak, it helped me know the value of teamwork and helping one another to become a strong team. WoodGreen delivered everything soccer has to offer for newcomers in Toronto and is doing a great job at connecting different people with different views and cultures into one big team. I can’t wait for another year of WoodGreen soccer!"

Jemil, program participant