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Meet Pedro, Newcomer Youth Soccer League coach

12/22/2016 10:33:12 AM
Name of Organization: WoodGreen Community Services, Newcomer Youth Soccer League (NYSL)
Grant Recipient: CAG
Testimonial/Youth Leader
Pedro Lima is a youth coach for the “WoodGreen West” team in the West Division of the NYSL. Pedro helps get his team organized and fosters an inclusive environment by encouraging team play and positive communication. As an immigrant himself, he shared the story of why he decided to take a leadership role in the NYSL:

“A few months before I turned 18 I left my hometown of São Paulo, Brazil, to pursue a degree at the University of Toronto, leaving behind my friends and family. It has been 6 years and I am now finishing my degree in geography, which I switched to from architecture. In these 6 years not only have I learned to endure the Canadian winter but I have also learned to love Toronto, a city which has found me a number of communities to call home. Through one of these communities, my amateur soccer club Chupacabras, I heard that WoodGreen was going to organize a youth soccer league for newcomers and could use some help. I decided to volunteer because I believe the program can really make its participants feel welcome and part of a larger, caring community.”