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Lay-Up Youth Basketball Program Testimonial

8/14/2018 12:00:00 AM
Organization Name: Lay-Up Youth Basketball
Program Name: Regent Park Lay-Up Basketball Camps
Date: August 2018

Dylan was a recipient of the Hustle Award this summer at Lay-Up Youth Basketball. He was a sought-after player for his energy, intensity and love for the sport from day one but Dylan enjoyed the other opportunities Lay-Up offered just as much. He says, “The other camps I’ve been to only focused on basketball and games. I like Lay-Up a lot more because of the academic aspect.”

Dylan really enjoyed Visions of Science as well as all the other guest speakers where he learnt about different topics ranging from science to science.  Additionally, Dylan has started taking an interest in his school grades. Dylan will soon take the leap and attend Lay-Up's House League Program and become a leader for the newcomers! 
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