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Lady Ballers Camp Testimonials and Stories

8/8/2016 4:54:23 PM
As part of our community outreach, Lady Ballers Camp focused on reaching out to women and children shelters as well as a family shelter. Lady Ballers Camp enrolled over half of their campers free of charge from Peel Family Shelter as well as Yorktown Women’s Shelter. The contribution of MLSE Foundation was instrumental in this feat because they were about to organize a bus pickup from the shelter directly to the camp location. The Peel Family Shelter had explained how lack of funding had prohibited them from organizing adequate summer programming for the children.  When Lady Ballers Camp was presented to them, they were extremely elated by the program and have been dedicated partners ever since.

“When I saw the summer camp proposal I was thinking honestly this is a God send because I didn’t know what I was going to do with all of these kids in the summer. We aren’t able to run the regular boys and girls club this year because we didn’t get funding for this and we were so concerned that we would have all this kids running around doing nothing,” Shelter Director Valerie Gibson.

The introduction of the bus has also made it possible to connect girls from various parts of the GTA in one central location allowing them to establish lifelong friendships with campers that they would not otherwise have met.