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Joy's experience at Lady Ballers Camp

10/5/2016 11:05:31 AM
Note: some names have been changed

Lady Ballers Camp strives to connect with girls of all social and economic circumstances in an attempt to create an inclusive community. Over the camp period, the organization saw a recent immigrant camper from Cameroon who had only been in Canada for a month prior. At 12 years old, Joy had never been to a summer camp and also struggled with fully grasping the English language. Her mother had expressed some concern about Joy being alone in a new environment especially due to the language barrier. Although a French speaking counsellor was available during camp, Joy was challenged to communicate with staff and campers in English. Though at times she expressed frustration with herself that her thoughts were not coming across clearly, she persevered through it all and was constantly supported by her counsellors and fellow campers who she called “ma soeur”. During the last couple weeks of camp, Joy’s mother spoke to her counsellor, informing her of some positive changes she had been noticing in Joy.

“Thank you so much! Everyday Joy come back home and tell me everything you did at camp and she’s so excited to go back tomorrow. Her English is improving so much. Before she didn’t even want to try because she thought her English was bad and people will laugh at her when she talked but now she’s always practicing and reading the books. She can’t wait to go to school and play on the basketball team and make more friends. I’ve never seen her this confident before.” – Joy’s Mother, Stella


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