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Hockey 4 Youth Testimonial

11/14/2017 3:25:22 PM

Organization Name: Hockey 4 Youth
Program Name: Regent Park Hockey 4 Youth
Date: November 6, 2017

Asma & Hussnia are from Afghanistan and arrived in Toronto last year. They are in their second year at Hockey 4 Youth.

Asma and Hussnia are deeply committed to improving their English and are focused on graduating from high school. In addition to learning how to play hockey, Asma and Hussnia have volunteered their time at school and within the program.  They also encouraged 6 of their fellow country women to join the Hockey 4 Youth program. Two weeks ago Asma and Hussnia got to attend their first hockey game; the Leafs vs. the Hurricanes at the Air Canada Centre. Asma and Hussnia along with 4 other new Canadian youth were able to get a behind the scenes look and watch the Leafs take to the ice from outside the Leafs dressing room area. They also received high fives from the players and got to sit behind the Leafs bench. Asma said that, "Attending the game was such an amazing experience!"  They are positive role models for all of the younger boys and girls in the Hockey 4 Youth program and to the community at large. Our partnership with MLSE Foundation has provided Asma, Hussnia and other new Canadian youth with an amazing opportunity to feel connected to their new country in a profound and meaningful way! 


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