50/50 Draw
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Hitting the heavy bag at Cabbagetown Boxing Club

12/26/2016 10:35:44 AM
Name of Organization: Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre
Grant Recipient: RPAG
Youth Leader
The Wasa-Nabin program at Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre would like to recognize one of the newest members of the Boxing Program, community member Selena. Selena’s younger sister Maya has been involved with the Youth Sector programming at Toronto Council Fire for several years now. Selena helps out her family by picking up her sister and making sure she gets home safely from the After School Program. I have tried for several years to get Selena to attend programming with the Wasa-Nabin Program offering her programming options from Canoeing, Hiking, group outings, Movie Days and other fun activities. None of the programs that were offered seem to interest Selena until the boxing program was mentioned.

In the 6 weeks since Selena has registered to be a part of the boxing program she has attended each session and has never missed a day of programming. Selena has also encouraged her younger sister Maya to get involved in the Boxing Program and has made sure she attends each session alongside her.

In the few weeks that the sisters have been involved in the Boxing Program I have seen their relationship develop and I believe Selena has begun to see her sister Maya as a peer and not just as her younger sister. We are happy to have both Selena and Maya as part of the Boxing Program and glad that Selena has found an activity that she enjoys.