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Hamza Atta & Keelan Williams are Leaders in the Malvern Community

8/31/2015 2:32:11 PM

We want to congratulate Hamza Atta and Keelan Williams as the #MLSEFdnLeader for August.

As a resident of the Rouge River/Malvern community for over ten years, 16-year-old Keelen is an active member of the Malvern Family Resource Centre. Outgoing, helpful, hardworking and athletic, Keelan starting volunteering with the YMCA to help get more kids active in the community. After being a participant for many years, he wanted to give back. “You need a coach to help you get better. When you have someone that can motivate kids to get outdoors and away from technology, that’s important,” he said.

Hamza, like Keelan, is a community youth volunteering his time with the Malvern Family Resource Centre. A four-year resident of the community, Hamza is a hardworking sport and academic enthusiast with dreams of becoming a doctor one day. His love of sports led him to coaching.  “It is different from being a player to being a coach; I learned how to transfer my experience with different sports to teaching it to kids,” he said. 

For the past few years, Toronto FC has played a friendly game with a European team who travels to Toronto. This year, Sunderland A.F.C. was that team. As part of their interest in playing Friendly games, Sunderland participated in some community work by leading a clinic for the Malvern Community Resource Centre. Both Keelan and Hamza were volunteering that day to ensure the clinic went off without a hitch. Their engagement in the clinic and the subsequent question and answer period caught the attention of our sport development staff. Because of their amazing engagement in the Sunderland Clinic, Keelan and Hamza were offered paid positions to work at our own TFC summer Camps and Clinics.

Hamza and Keelan are examples of how important it is to volunteer in the community and the impact it can have on others, as well as yourself.

They are this month’s #MLSEFdnLeader. Stay tuned for our next month's community leaders!