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Dixon Hall - MVP Cricket League Program Testimonial

8/7/2018 12:29:12 PM
Organization Name: Dixon Hall
Program Name: Mentoring for Violence Prevention (Cricket)
Date: July 2018

Fatima and her family have lived in Regent Park for the last 17 years. When Fatima first arrived in the neighbourhood, she was looking for a safe place for her children to play. One day, she passed a field where Kenneth, a Dixon Hall Youth Worker, was playing soccer with youth and overseeing participants in Dixon Hall’s Mentoring for Violence Prevention (MVP) Sports League. Kenneth extended an invitation to Fatima and since then, her four boys have played in the MVP Cricket League.

She is incredibly happy to see her children on the playing field and staying out of trouble. She attributes this to the relationships they have formed while playing cricket and to the feelings generated when connected to a team. She also notes that the exercise is an added bonus!

Thank you to Dixon Hall for the high-quality and free sport program for families like Fatima’s in the community. Let's continue to make a difference!