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Community Youth Leader Story: Raymond from Toronto Youth Development

7/27/2016 2:30:00 PM
Name: Raymond V.
Years Enrolled: 5
Graduated: 2015
Age: 15
Grade: 10
School: Jarvis Collegiate
Career Objective: Architect
Favourite Subject: Math
Favourite Athlete: Kyle Lowry
Raymond V. is a youth leader working as a volunteer for the Regent Park Academic and Sports Enrichment Camp, an initiative of Toronto Youth Development (TYD). His earliest memory of this program dates back to when he was starting grade 5. Raymond is now a graduate of the program and is entering grade 10 at Jarvis Collegiate. Helping to take care of children as a youth leader, Raymond believes that TYD has helped him grow in patience. When asked about what traits he hopes to continue to develop as a leader, Raymond indicates a focus on fostering more courage, motivation and maturity:
Courage: because it is a person’s ability to remain calm when faced with pressure. Motivation: because with it, I can impact my surrounding in a positive way. Maturity: because I want to be taken seriously and to set a better example for the kids around me.” – Raymond V.
Furthermore, Raymond hopes to improve his organization, punctuality and time management throughout this summer. Continuing his leadership formation under the summer camp’s Character and Leadership Development Curriculum, Raymond hopes to adopt these new and vital leadership habits:
“With the help of the virtues that we review at camp each and every day … I will be able to develop these leadership traits.”- Raymond V.
Raymond is a fine leader and one of the most mature volunteers in our program. A graduate of TYD’s summer camp, he hopes to impact his community this summer:
“… by doing little things each and every day … picking up garbage, supporting friends, complimenting someone, and smiling more.”
Toronto Youth Development family is extremely proud of Raymond, expecting big things to come from him in the future!