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Community Youth Leader Story: Nafisa

8/9/2016 3:50:47 PM
Name: Nafisa A.
Age: 14
Grade: 10
School: Jarvis Collegiate
Career Objective: Medical Profession
Favorite Subject: Math
Favourite Part of Camp: The Excursions and Field Trips
Nafisa A. is a youth leader who is volunteering at the Regent Park Academic and Sports Enrichment Girls camp. She completed her elementary education at Lord Dufferin School (where the camp is located) and is entering grade 10 at Jarvis Collegiate this September. When asked about how she would like to impact the Regent Park community, especially by working with the campers, she showed an interest in promoting diversity.
“Regent Park is a very diverse community with a lot of culture; however, there is a lot of racism. I would like to teach the kids how to make the community a better place by being positive and making everyone comfortable in it.” - Nafisa A.
Nafisa had the opportunity to develop her leadership skills by teaching a class for a week. She learned that the best way to be a leader is to demonstrate the qualities that she wanted the students to have.
“If you are respectful to the kids ... you will get that in return. Be yourself and the kids will respond well to that … You have to be a leader and show the kids that punctuality is important, so I try to show up on time every day.”- Nafisa A.
Nafisa hopes to use the skills that she has learned as a volunteer in her future studies. She wants to practice her punctuality and responsibility at school to reach her full potential.

Toronto Youth Development thanks Nafisa for her help this summer!


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