50/50 Draw
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Caleb's We Nook, We Shoot, We Score Experience

Caleb just turned 5. The first time on the ice he fell every time he moved his skates. On the first day of the We Nook, We Shoot, We Score program, Caleb was paired up with a staff member and worked one-on-one to learn how to position himself to keep his balance. Within 20 minutes, he was already making progress and at the end of the ice time he was covered in slush from head to toe but had a big smile on his face.

Caleb is the youngest of 3 children. He lives with a single mom who is putting herself through college. Without the program, his mother would not have the funds to provide Caleb with the cost of equipment or the enrollment for a hockey program.

Over the past few weeks, Caleb has been learning how to stop and stick handle and has even joined in with the older kids in a four on four game. His motivation is incredible and it is amazing to see his progress over the weeks.