50/50 Draw
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Positive Feedback About Beyond the Rim

We’re only in week two of Beyond The Rim and have already received a lot of positive feedback from the participants and their parents. Just this week, Michelle, who has enrolled both of her children, Toni (age 9) and Jaden (age 13), shared with us how both her and her children feel about Beyond The Rim. At first, Michelle didn't know if her children wiould like the program, but after only two weeks, they were telling her they really enjoy it.

Through observation, Michelle has noticed that the program not only helps immensely with basketball skills, but has positively impacted her children through their life skills training. She has also noticed that her kids talk positively about the program on their way home. Her son Jaden, entering grade 9 next year, has already told her that he wants to come back as a high school volunteer! Michelle told us that last year she paid $320 for a basketball program in a different city, but has found Beyond The Rim to be a better program. This is not because the program is free, but because of the one-on-one basketball coaching as well as the added value our Enactus Centennial life skills development programming brings.