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Programs & Partnerships


Bringing together researchers, practitioners, community members and a wide range of non-profit organizations, MLSE LaunchPad will serve as a collaborative incubator-type environment dedicated to advancing the use of sport and recreation for development purposes.

Operating on an integrated services model, MLSE LaunchPad will provide much needed space and support resources to non-profit organizations offering services in our core programming pillars - Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Ready for School and Ready for Work. The goal for partnership is that collectively we are able to utilize the strengths of individual organizations to share resources, increase program participants and provide a holistic approach to youth development.

We are looking for partners at MLSE LaunchPad! All potential partners must be scalable and have funding to offer programming at the facility. For those interested and offering services in our key programming pillars, please review the Partnership Framework and submit the Partnership Inquiry Document  to express interest. For more information, please contact Lisa Wiele, Manager of Partnerships & Development at Lisa.Wiele@mlse.com.



Youth today will not be healthier than their parents with less than 10% of Ontario’s young people getting the recommended hour of daily physical activity. Marginalized groups such as newcomers are more likely to face barriers than their peers when it comes to good health. Access to a quality sport experience and opportunities to participate in recreation is a key determinate in addressing these issues. MLSE LaunchPad recognizes that physical health plays an important factor in young people’s positive development. Increased physical health deters obesity, heart disease and diabetes and also supports cognitive development while establishing positive supportive relationships. By increasing participation at a young age, youth will be far more likely to be active for life.

Program Focus

  • Promoting healthy choices; understand the importance of and participating in regular physical activity
  • Establishing a baseline of physically literate youth
  • Ensuring a quality sport experience through intentionally designed coach training and sport/ physical activity


Adolescence is a time of increased vulnerability to triggers associated with mental health issues. Youth often faces many life transitions during these years and struggle with bullying, body image and stress. For youth from marginalized communities or young people with disabilities and or special needs this is especially sensitive and debilitating. Too often youth will not receive the support services because of the stigma associated with receiving them. MLSE LaunchPad will address these issues by providing access to services that are youth-friendly, culturally sensitive and non-conventional. Mental health issues affect 1 in 5 young people in Ontario, by intervening and providing support programming in this area we can contribute to better long-term success.

Program Focus

  • Self- Regulation and resilience; helping youth to identify strategies that put them at risk
  • Adaptive emotional regulation strategies and exercises
  • Positive peer to peer interactions and supportive adult mentors
  • Intervention; recognizing the early warning signs and having support services available to prevent further risk
  • Awareness and stigma reduction


Now more than ever, the labour market requires a post-secondary education. 40% of youth dropout rates occur before the age of 16 and of those a third have a Grade 9 education or less. MLSE LaunchPad will enhance traditional learning to provide positive outcomes by supporting individual student achievement. Preventing early academic failure and improving school attendance will be at the core of the Ready for School programming. By closing achievement gaps and embracing extra supports and varied learning styles, MLSE LaunchPad will provide programs that keep youth engaged and enrolled in school.

Program Focus

  • Addressing unique needs and additional early education support in foundation learning; reading, writing and math
  • Re-engaging at risk youth through programs which motivate, tutor and challenge youth
  • Harnessing technology to provide new and varied ways to increase learning


A shift in the labour market has seen an increased demand in skills and service oriented positions. It is important that young people are prepared and ready to meet the needs of the market. However, young people from low- social economic backgrounds, marginalized young people and young people facing barriers experience the same lack of employability skills as those who have dropped out of school. A combination of training and soft skill development is crucial for Ready for Work success. MLSE LaunchPad will broaden post-secondary success for at-risk youth and increase opportunities into the labour market.

Program Focus

  • Providing opportunities for hands on employment training in skill oriented jobs 
  • Offering soft skills development and continued coaching and mentorship
  • Providing employment pathways with MLSE or MLSE Partners in the area of Food and Beverage, Customer Service, and IT